A Resource hub

For Earth Citizens & Green Schools

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A Resource hub

For Earth Citizens & Green Schools

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About the website

We are living in times of climate emergency and escalating social crises. In response, many of us today try to engage in learning, working and living with as better earth citizens.

Share Eco-Wisdom is a resource hub meant for educators and youth in particular. It offers carefully curated videos, innovative ideas, articles and more.

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Explore eco-resources under many themes, in many forms – videos, articles, lesson plans and stories. Themes may have many overlap areas; they are arranged under these heads for easy access.

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Our Basic Needs

Roti, Kapda, Makaan, Transport, Inner and Outer Growth, Community

Being Earth-Conscious

Gaia and Nature’s Principles Basics for Life, Ecological Living and Education

Seeing the Big-Picture

Civilisational Survival, Our Economic System, Activism

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Education has led us to great accomplishments and advancements in many spheres of our life. However, one aspect that has been side-tracked in our scope of learning has been that of taking care of our larger home (our planet). We believe that schools have a lot of potential in shaping the world of tomorrow as our future citizens get groomed here.

In this section, find out more about how schools and educational institutions can become a core part of the solution by implementing projects and learning programmes that encourage sustainable living. While we focus a bit more on schools, most of what is presented here can be applied to colleges as well.

Getting Started

Welcome! Here are the basic systems and processes you need to have in place if you
wish to make your space more sustainable.


Real Life School Projects

Discover an array of projects that can be taken up by your team and your students that infuse new vitality and pride in the learning space.

Green School Stories

Various institutions and learning spaces have already started their journeys to foster more responsibility in students by incorporating eco-friendly practices that benefit their community and the larger world.

Share Eco-Wisdom

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