Forced Evictions

The unseen fate of 15 million people per year around the globe!

Current development projects, though aimed at improving the lives of people, actually end up exacerbating poverty, social unrest, environmental degradation and loss of cultural identity. The primary reason for these issues is forcible evictions of communities and entire villages to make space for projects, conducted by the state and corporations. Through engaging videos, this page provides a voice for the people who are at the receiving end of these evictions and highlights their stories.

Forced evictions are on the rise in several parts of India. Most development projects, at face value, seem aimed at improving the lives of people: a new dam will generate more electricity to power industry; a new shopping mall will create new businesses and therefore more jobs. 

However, the reality for communities living near a project is often quite different. These projects often about result in destruction of communities, the loss of jobs, and the impoverishment of people. Each year an estimated 15 million people across the globe are forcibly uprooted from their homes, farmlands, fishing areas and forests to make way for dam reservoirs, irrigation projects, mines, plantations, highways, and tourist resorts. Urban slums are bulldozed to make way for luxury condominiums, sporting facilities and shopping centres. Human rights abuses do not end after a forced eviction. A community may not be formally resettled and often find themselves living without adequate housing and without access to water, work, schools and hospitals. A forced eviction exacerbates poverty, social unrest, environmental degradation and loss of cultural identity.  

Often, society accepts this collateral damage as the price the nation must pay for development. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way: it is possible to both safeguard people’s rights while also experiencing economic growth.

Here are some examples of the content you will find elaborated on and showcased here

This article was originally featured on the India Unheard platform and you can find the forced evictions page and many more similar videos here



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