Change is life – Dr. B M HEGDE – TEDxGlobalAcademy

The contemporary medical research has come up with enough evidence that mind is the seat of all diseases and that we are surrounded by myths. Dr.B M Hegde is a medical scientist, cardiologist, educationist and author who has contributed immensely in the field of healthcare medical science. He speaks about how change is found everywhere and that change is life. He talks about the level of difficulty seen in removing myths. He cites the examples of taking medicines for minor illnesses which otherwise could be cured by sipping hot water which destroys the virus or by using the readily available Indian herbs. A good doctor according to him is the one who empathizes and builds faith in his patient. He says that change is a must and science has to change. He stresses on the fact that knowledge advances by changing myths and not by repeating the known things.



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